Fuerza de Voz

Painted during the isolation phase of the pandemic Covid19 in 2020 this painting is called Fuerza de la Voz. Acrylic painted on wood.

It depicts a battle between a figurative wolf and Red Riding Hood character, with a twist. Red is no longer a victim, rather an outspoken representative of freedom from oppression.

The sun represents ME my vision, my life, my energy, the new beginning, and energy of life here in Mexico with the new freedom to be myself 100% without apology to anyone.

This wolf-like image represents so many things.. Specifically and figuratively a self-mutilating, heartless predator. Some see it in themselves. Some experience it in someone else. They teach us many things about our own internal shortcomings. People who wear masks for different audiences, parading around as spiritual leaders and healers. Pretending to be poor pathetic victims of their addictions when actually they prey on others specifically targeted for their ability to provide compassionate, willing support in every possible way… money, food, clothing, shelter, alcohol, drugs, sex, transportation, love, affection… . Egomaniacs that think of themselves as ‘eagles’ when actually they are more like chickens, scratching around in the dirt. This easily represents government entities as well, especially USA.

The broken chain represent a perception of bondage that is not actually restraining. There is freedom of will to change if so desired.

The mutilated eagle also represents the destruction of their potential and freedom. This can be either politically or personally. The full measure of greatness can not be achieved because they are caught in a loop of addiction, ego, abuse of power. They have an intense sense of entitlement that causes them to seek support from other’s hard work. They have murdered their own future and become prisoners to their addictions.

The masks the predator wears to deceive their intended prey. It’s like a rooster that crows and leads people. But you can see it’s just the head, just the pretense, not a genuine sentiment, rather a tool to use to deceive.

The endless bottles represent addictions. This particular predator has many. And they spend all day expending time trying to fill those cravings, no matter the cost, and leaving behind a huge mountain of waste…time, energy, other people.

Little Red, represents the person that sees clearly and is not afraid to use the only weapon she has, her voice. Expressed in this particular instance within a painting, THIS painting. Calling out to other women to look, beware. Using the universal truth as a force to protect. A fire that burns to be honest and real, no matter the cost. Friends that can’t see it, people that argue in defense of the predator because they haven’t seen behind the mask into the darkness. Defying all and calling upon the forces that gave us strength in our past challenges.

The hope for this painting is that it calls to someone in their own personal way with their own personal version of predator. Encouraging strength to use their own voice to win the battle.